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EvaEsacobar Latina Amateur brunette skinny plts hym outdoor gndDo you like sexy Latina women? I sure as hell do and Eva Escobar is as superb a looking woman as I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Eva was working as an accountant when we met but it didn’t take me long to talk this sexy Latina amateur sex out of her pants and in front of the camera. Eva did an even dozen amateur sex photo shoots with us and 4 video clips. Her first lesbian vid was marvelous. Eva and Lady knew each other but the babes had never been together. Their first amateur sex lesbian shoot was scheduled for Sunday – both babes arrived early and were kissing and goofing off as I was setting up the lights. By the time I was ready, they were both so horny that the got right down to munching muffy and stuffing fingers up each other’s muffies.

This picture was taken the next day when Eva came over to the dwelling. Originally from Pueblo, CO Eva now lives near Denver and commutes to Colorado Springs to have me take photograph for our porno site. Eva had stayed in town after her lesbian shoot with Lady and so I jumped at the opportunity to get more unclad photograph of this sexy Latina.

It was pretty warm out so I set up a water mister in the greenhouse and Eva started getting all wet. Wearing only a white t-shirt and a pink t-bar, she started playing with herself in the water. She was soon nekkid and fingering her tight little cunt for the camera.

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Amateur porno model Kaydence Skye is more than a cute small redhead coed with braces and top-notch coed titties, she’s also one of the hottest new hard-bodied coed porno models that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Kaydence did her first porno with GMP after her brother read an add I ran in the local paper. Seems the small coed cutie had pissed him off by fucking his tattoo artist – and then stopping – pissing her brother’s tattoo artist off so bad that he wouldn’t finish her brother’s ink. Her brother not only filmed me fucking his sister, he also caught me filling his sister’s tight little cunt with semen – the first time he had ever seen his sister making creampies! This tattooed coed in braces doesn’t learn very quickly – that or she likes screwing dirty old men  old enough to be her dad. I know this because the very next day her brother was wanting to pimp her out again because she stole the coin that I had paid him for her first porno video and spent it on the Strip in Las Vegas. So Ralph was soon back at my place with his little sister. I fuck her again as her brother filmed it. This time I made sure her brother didn’t let her get his dough.  You can see the first of the two “brother films his sister” vids on Bring Me Your Sister

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Kaydence Skye

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother Film Her

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother video Her

Kaydence Skye Fucks PapaGMP

Kaydence Skye Fucks PapaGMP

Eighteen year old Kaydence Sky liked my massive schlong so much that she called me the following week and asked if she could do a few more porno videos. Now trust me, Kaydence Skye has a grand coed ass, a tight little shaved coed cooch,  top-notch natural boobs, a hard cheer-leader body, braces and a few sexy tattoos so I jumped at the chance to shoot more porno of this sexy coed. As we were talking, she stated that only a month ago she was cheering her high school’s football team and one of the varsity cheerleaders – and now I was sliding my forty eight year old schlong in her tight little shaved cooch. This film will be on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure – we also filmed a hot lesbian shoot staring Kaydence Skye and Thena Sky – and no, they aren’t sisters ;-)

Kaydence Skye's First Lesbian Experience

Kaydence Skye’s First Lesbian Experience

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Hump Day And I Have To Work

Well I did run out to the titty bar for an hour last night. In a last minute decision, I decided to run up to my favorite Colorado strip club, Fabulous TnT’s, and say hi to the coeds and the staff. Jon, the general manager was working the bar so I had him pour me a beer and I sat and watched the coeds on stage. 19 year old Trisha was working so I proceeded to give her a hard time as usual. Trisha is a tall skinny exotic dancer that can weaken pretty much any mans legs (and pocket book). She’s also a good friend on one of my models so she always gives me shit about fucking her friends. Trisha is one hot fucking pierced and tattooed stripper with top-notch little titties and a clean shaved little cunt and I would seriously recommend stopping by TnT’s of Colorado Springs some evening just to check her out.

Trisha had a few customers waiting so I sat at the bar and shot the breeze with Jon till closing time. I then drove back dwelling and crashed. Another day, another pair of titties – life is good!

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Lucky for me, Holie-Marie likes to stop by when she’s feeling the need for a hard erection and lucky for all of us, she lets me film her fucking. A few weeks back, this busty teen stopped by while I was editing a film of one of my other neighbor girls and watching it, she got a little horny. As you all know, I’m not one to disappoint a horny neighbor babe. Holie-Marie has on of the best pair of natural tits and tiniest teen snatches I’ve ever seen and fucking her is always a lot of fun.

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Of course, I had her suck on my erection a bit before I would let her have it in her tiny teen cunt. Filming her as she tried to get my huge erection all the way in her mouth was hot as hell. If you sign up for Real Colorado Girls you can see the entire blow job film plus all the hardcore fucking footage that we shot that day. This is one of my favorite homemade sex movies – and I have a pretty good collection of scenes I’ve made while I fuck the girls of my tiny city.

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I’ll be honest, I prefer a chick with no tattoos but tattoos don’t bother me so much that it keeps me from stuffing my fat boner into a neighbor chick just because she has a few unsightly tattoos on her otherwise letter-perfect teenage body. In fact, this cute Colorado teenager, Aspen Steen has one of the cutest fat coochies I’ve seen in a long time and believe me, it feels as good as it looks. In this video, Aspen climbs on top of me and rides my fat old boner like a pro rodeo bull rider – managing to stay on for the entire 8-second ride.

Tattooed Neighbor Girl

Tattooed Neighbor Girl

Throwing the little tramp on her side, I choke the tattooed little hussy and ram my boner as deep as I can, making the little cunt moan in pain. Thrusting my boner a few final times, I pull my throbbing boner out of her wet little fat muff and set a hot load of sticky cream all over her sexy tattooed coed body.

Tattooed Girl

Fucking A Tattooed Girl

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I told you i would be posting more of the homemade movies I made of Holie-Marie and here they are. This big-breasted teen has a sweet little shaved muff with a pierced clit. She also has a firm little butt that’s a lot of fun to hold onto when she’s on top riding your cock like it’s a rodeo bull. Since she stops by my place on a regular basis, I have a few films of her getting fucked that are worth checking out.

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18 year old Anistaija loves to fuck so when she got a chance to fuck her boyfriend in front of the camera, this little teenager hussy jumped at the chance. Anistaija told us she likes massive peckers but as her boyfriend first stuffed his fat meat in her tiny shaved muff, she winced like she had never been fucked before. This didn’t bother her friend any as he hammered his large meat deep in her tight teenager muff. Watching these two horny teens having sex was the highlight of my month. Anistaija’s grand boobies and wet little cut exposed for the world to see and her boyfriend hammering it like it was their first time.  You can see all the pics and video on Glass Mannequin. You can also see Anistaija on Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls.

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It only took a minute for this petite teenager to back all the way onto his massive meat – sure she moaned a little but feeling his throbbing meat in her tiny little cunt was turning her on. Anistaija was horny as hell by now and wanted her friends meat as deep as he could thrust it and every time he slowed down, she would back onto him keeping his meat deep in her wet little cunt.  See the video at Glass Mannequin.

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Teen Sex

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Amateur muff Exposed

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Thena Sky is not shy about showing off her perky little breasts, cute teenager butt and tight teenager cooch to any Voyeur who wants to watch. This little cunt has done everything from fucking her lesbian girlfriends on camera to fucking the dirty old perv on Bring Me Your Sister. In this photo shoot Thena climbs over train wheels, showing off all of her short teenager body and making it known to the world that the whorish brunette girl next door can be just as much a sperm dumpster as any other tight teenager bitch. This little cunt just enjoys being nude and doesn’t mind stripping down completely in the outdoors to show off her short teenager cunt.

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A Voyuer’s Dream

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Coed Strippers With Natural Fun Bags

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote about my strip club adventures so I thought I’d sit dome and tell you all a bit about my little trip to top-notch TnT’s on Friday. As I’ve stated before in this blog, TnT’s of Colorado Springs is my favorite chillin club and they always manage to have enough cute strippers to keep me happy. In fact, there were 6 strippers there that had worked for me over the years so it was a undamaged reunion.

It all started when Maddy Marks gave me a call asking for a ride to work. Maddy is one of our newest additions and has been featured on Bring Me Your Sister and will soon be appearing on Real Colorado Girls. In addition to having a nice set of natural breasts, Maddy has one of the sexiest beavers I’ve ever seen so stop by TnT’s and get a nekkid dance in their new “Dynamite” room.

I was surprised to see Brooke working since I hadn’t seen her in town for over a year but she was back and looking as undamaged. She’s dancing as Austin now but she still has the same undamaged set of natural tits and a undamaged butt. She also has a new tattoo that you should check out. You can see more of Brooke on our flagship site, Glass Mannequin.

Hannah, a.k.a. Foxxy showed up shortly after I got there and the little hussy had new nipple piercings that she just had to show me – up close and personal. Hannah is a cute little stripper and a undamaged fuck too. She’s done a half-dozen hardcore shoots with me and a few chick-chick shoots with her girlfriends. You can see Hannah’s shoots on all three of our sites: Real Colorado Girls, Bring Me Your Sister, and soon to appear on Glass Mannequin.

Candice was there too…. If you like jumbo butts and jumbo soft natural breasts, you need to get a dance or two from Candice. She’s been stripping and acting in smut since she was 18 and she’s a real nice babes to sit and chill with too. Candice appears on Glass Mannequin

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And last but not least, Shaye. Shaye dances as Mia and can be seen on all three of our sites. If you like them skinny with cute perky breasts, then Shaye is the chick for you. She doesn’t work as often as the others but it was good to see her again. She too has a real nice swollen coochie so I would highly recommend the nekkid dance. You can see her perky coed breasts and swollen coochie on all three of our site.

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