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Now if you are going to go camping don’t forget the beer, brats and two very sexy lesbians that spend all day fucking in your tent. To hell with fishing and hunting, if you were looking at this in your tent would you really lust after to leave your campsite? Hell no, you’d be right there wanking as these two sweethearts lie kissing in your tent. See more of Butterfly Haze and her friend Tasha Burke on Real Colorado Girls.

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Didn’t take these two long to start the "recreation"

It is obvious these two brown haired lesbians are ready and willing to fuck, it didn’t take long and Tasha had her hands all over the hard-bodied Mexican Girl Butterfly Haze. With Butterfly always being a submissive little fuck it didn’t take long for the more experienced lesbian Tasha to take advantage of this unspoiled opportunity to play with her sweet shaved butterfly-muffin. Tasha practically ripping at Butterfly’s clothes to get at her pointy tits and tight coed muffin.


Butterfly always submits to a dominant bimbo like Tasha

Once the clothes come off then the real fun begins and out come the toys and tongues for a wave of orgasm that never seems to stop. Tasha has Butterfly exactly where she wants her and this cute 18 year old teen is in for a weekend that she will never forget. The pleasure never seems to stop between these two hot lesbians and the camera only seem to encourage them more.


What’s better than a tight slit? Answer: Two tight slits

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Petite Coed Coochy

Anistaija has one of those undamaged teenager asses that the chick next door had but that you never really could get a good look at. Thanks to the guys at Glass Mannequin you can see this cute teenager having hardcore sex with her friend. In fact,if you join now, you get full access Glass Mannequin plus two bonus sites – Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls

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Tiny teenager Ass

Mmmmm – just imagine sliding your cock in Anistaija’s small teenager snatch…..  Or better yet, sign up today and watch this amateur sex teenager taking a monstrous cock in her tight little asshole for the first time. The faces she made as Ricky rammed he cock in her small teenager ass were priceless. Damn, I downloaded the entire video from the members area so I’m going to grab some lube and watch it again.

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Well fuck me – when Theo showed up at the door with his little sister, I had to check her ID – and yes, she turned 18 last week so I had no problem letting him explain to me what the little cunt had done to deserve being filmed in her first porno video clip by her very own brother. It appears that the little cunt had decided to throw a little party at his place and once wasted, she thought it would be fun to get his exotic fish as drunk as her and her friends were. When her brother came flat, she was passed out on the floor and the fish were floating at the top of the tank – seems neither of them should have been drinking. To make a long story short, his errant little sister had no way to pay him for the damage to his fish tank let alone the dead fish so he wanted to see the little cunt grudge fucked – and properly so.

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Theo vids His Little Sista As An Older White Guy Gets Her Wet

Only problem was, as far as he knew, his little sister had never been with a guy.  Sure, she did well at the “foreplay” but when the old white guy tried to stick his big pecker in her small little cunt, it became obvious that she wasn’t sexually active with men at least. She said she liked babes but damn, I’ve never see such a small little cooder.

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Crystal’s Brutha vids as an Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sista

In the end, she took most of his pecker – she was so tight that the old guy shot his load all over her shave little cunt as her brother filmed it all. I think it turned him on to see his sister getting railed by such a monster pecker. You can see al of the video clip he made at Bring Me Your Sister – sign up today and get full access to Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin as a bonus.

Sunday Night – Kickin It At The Strip Club

There are days when I just lust after to relax – and last night was one of those. Lucky for me, I know just the thing to get me relaxed and just the friend to relax with. It was just past seven and I had been working on a code for a new porno site all day when I got the first text. I didn’t recognize the number and when I asked who it was, she answered “The hottest stripper you know” – well fuck me – I know a LOT of hot strippers and I had a sneaky felling if I answered wrong I was a dead man.

To make a long story short – I figured out pretty quickly who it was but decided not to tell her until I had her sexy butt in front of me. And yes – she truly is one of the hottest strippers I know and probably one of the most gifted strippers in the entire state of Colorado – but then I’m a little biased. I did manage to piss her off a bit when I told her to quit trying to “play” me – but she got over it after an hour of me rubbing her back.

I’ve said before that more of you should hit the clubs on the slow nights and last night was no exception. When I entered PT’s Appaloosa in Colorado Springs, there were well over 20 teens and about the same number of customers. Hell, I like those odds. Well, the “hottest stripper I’ve ever known” was standing at the door with an attitude (and a great firm butt). But the poor babe melts under the fingers of the master and she had soon forgiven me for teasing her about being a “gold digger”. But WTF – they all are ;-)

I should say that I treated her right and got enough dances to keep her happy – even got her all fucking horny when I had Nina give her a few dances. And Nina is one hot petite Mexican Girl stripper. I’ve known Nina for years – she used to dance with my ex-wife and we’ve always had a unique chemistry. True friends with a real nice level of sexual tension. That feeling that it just could happen – and if it did it would be ideal – but it’s nice just knowing that…. So getting dances from her are still titillating after all these years.

Before I knew it – it was 2am and the club was shutting down but I had had a wonderfully relaxing evening surrounded by beautiful women that I consider friends.

Oh – you’ll have to figure out on your own who the “hottest stripper I know” is ;-)

Phoenix Fernandez – Quiet Female Orgasm

Phoenix Fernandez is a sexy soft-bodied 18 year old Latina mom with a top-notch pair of natural fun bags, a few errant tattoos and a wet shaved snatch. Phoenix had never dreamed of doing smut but when a girlfriend talked her into doing a solo masturbation film for Real Colorado Girls she decided to give it a try. Phoenix had expressed that she was real nervous but that didn’t stop her from finding the right place on her fat clitoris for the silver vibrating bullet and fucking her self to orgasm. To quote her directly “Oh God that was good” – just the words we desire to hear from an amateur sex smut model having her first on-camera orgasm forgasm sfm dildo phoenixfernandez eighteen teen amateur 1tm gnd brunette latina

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Lick My Teen Beaver

What happens when mischievous girls are left alone? Well I can’t speak for all girls but the other night when I left Josie and Anistaija alone for a few minutes while I ran to the store,  the little sluts decided to have a little lesbian party. I walked in to find Anistaija with her legs spread and Josie’s face buried between them. Anistaija was calling Josie all kinds of mischievous names and telling Josie to “lick my teen muffy you mischievous little tart”.  I grabbed a camera and took a bunch of pictures – the girls were so busy fucking each other that they hardly even noticed me taking photograph.  The girls continued their little cunt munching session until each of them had reached a quivering orgasm. I was so fuckin horny by this point that I had to lock myself in my office and take a closer look at the photograph. You can see more photograph of Anistaija and Josie on Real Colorado girls

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Josie and Anistaija – Lesbian Cunt Munching

Teen Redhead With Huge Natural Cans

Eighteen year old redhead Tatiyana Williams had fucked one time before on camera but this was the first time she had fucked the pudgy Tony and despite his bald blow job and beer-belly, the old fucker was able to make the cute redhead teenager sperm more than once. Watching this orgasmic teenager get fucked I reflected back on what it was like to grasp a young lady’s firm teenager titties while I hammered her sweet virgin cunt with my substantial throbbing meat……. Damn, I almost forgot I was supposed to be writing about the amateur sex teenager porn that Tatiyana and Tony made and put up on Real Colorado Girls for all of us to jerk off too.

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Spank That Amateur Sex Teen Pussy

Amateur smut model Cynthia Jay had never done smut but when she was offered the chance to become a Real Colorado Girl, she found the thought excited her and she was soon whoopin her little coed coochie for the camera in her first solo masturbation video clip ever. If you like the thought of real amateur sex coeds having sex on camera for the first time, then you need to check Cynthia’s coed coochie out on Real Colorado Girls. Of course, this cute coed isn’t shy about spreading her legs and stuffing a toy deep in her little coochie, in fact, she even grabs a second one and rubs her clit with it as she moans and brings herself to orgasm.

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Cynthia Jay Fucks Her Little coed Pussy

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Puffy Coed Beaver And Petite Coed Butt

Real Colorado Girl, Shaye Baxter, has joined the team and in this homemade smut, the cute teenager with the wonderfully puffy cooch and tiny teen ass lets the old neighbor guy stuff his fat pecker deep in the moist folds of her puffy teen cunt. Shay not only has the sexiest puffy cooch of any teen in the neighborhood, it’s one of the tightest little twats I’ve ever had the chance to see over-stuffed with a fat pecker. Imagine spreading these puffy cooch lips and running your tongue along the sweetness that will soon be filled with your throbbing pecker.

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Shaye’s puffy teen Pussy

Imagine this skinny teenager with the amazing pointy boobies and warm little cunt climbing on top of you, your fat pecker ready for her warmth and wetness of her amazing puffy muffy, then imagine her slowly lower herself onto tour throbbing pecker, filling her depths with your manhood. Damn homie – you came already – LOL.  Actually, anyone that’s had the opportunity to fuck this cute Colorado girl knows how wonderful her puffy teen cunt feels on their pecker and they also know how hard it is to not spunk as soon as she engulfs you with her wonderful warm wetness.

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Shaye Baxter – tiny teen ass

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Fun-sized Young Mom

Violet Little is no disappointment – from her world class blow job to her tight little cunt she is definitely the textbook definition of a MILF. At 4? 11? tall and all of 96 lbs. you can surely say she is “fun-sized” and there is no limit to the positions and directions you can fuck this hot young mom in. Violet is always ready to take a over-sized penis or go face-deep in another coed’s tight cunt, her skills at making others climax are rivaled by few.


Violet is a master of oral dicktation

It is always a pleasure feeling this teenage mom’s tight teenager cunt muscles flexing around your penis, assuming you can hold your wad, as she rides your penis and shudders in ecstasy. Violet’s short frame makes her the faultless sex-sextoy for whatever your imagination can come up with. It’s hard to picture a more faultless fuck than a petite 18-year-old mom who knows how to suck and fuck like a champ.


A teenager milf with a passion to fuck

There are very few things in life as rewarding as shooting a hot load of sticky sperm all over a sexy teenager mom like Violet, except maybe having her suck you dry so she doesn’t get your jiz on her dress. This sexy amateur sex has done over 20 vids, her first being when her brother Ricky dragged her over to Mr. Richard’s house for her first porno shoot.

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Few things can make a milf smile like a good fuck

Violet Little shows a devious smile for a fuck well deserved, her tight pussy is sore but she is always ready for more. To see more of this hot milf visit Real Colorado Girls, where you will find plenty of high-quality vids and pictures. If you are into seeing perverted amateur sex teenager moms getting fucked you will not be disappointed, there will always be more to come with this perverted coed as long as Violet is ready for a good orgasm Real Colorado Girls will always have a camera ready.