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Brother And Sister Make A Porn VIdeo

Few things in life piss me off more than when my stupid fucking sister wrecks my shit. The bitch never makes it right and the petite cunt still thinks she can take my things and use them when she wants. Well, I’d had enough when my sister fucked up my video cam. I love making videos and so when I saw this dude’s add in the paper, I told the petite cunt she was going to “earn” me a new cam – of course, I didn’t tell her exactly how she was going to earn it. We showed up at the men house that ran the paper and I explained what a petite cunt my sister was. The dude was extremely understanding and quickly explained that he should pay for my cam if my petite sister should make a porno.

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I was a bit shocked at how easy it was to talk the petite slut into making the porn – she didn’t eve flinch when the old dude told her that he should be fucking her and I should be filming it. I think the petite slut wanted me to see here sweet petite shaved twat. In fact – it was a lot more fun for me than I thought it should be. Watching that old bastard slide his fingers in and out of my sister’s shaved twat got me really fucking lusty.

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I could tell she was a good fuck cuz the old dude fucking my sister was really enjoying it. He should grab my sister’s round booty as he pounded his huge dick in her sloppy damp shaved twat. It was kind of hard to hold the cam steady with so much hot fucking going on but I think I did a pretty fucking good job. I can’t wait to get a copy of the video I made so I could show my friends what a slut my petite sister is. And the best part – I have a new cam of my own so I can film the petite slut secretly now.

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Her Brother Made Her Fuck For Money

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Thena was not to thrilled when he brother brought her to PapaGMP’s house but she didn’t have much of a choice – it was either get fucked – or get beat! Demon is not the nicest brother one could wish for but at lease when his sister put a dent in his Harley while fucking her boyfriend in the garage, he didn’t just kill her and bury her teen cunt in the back yard – no, being the loving brother that he is, he pimped his small sister out to a porn producer and made her fuck in her first porn video. fortunate for me, my brother did the same and that’s how I got to know Thena. I loved getting fucked on cam so much that I now work for the old pervert that grudge-fucks men sisters when they fuck their brothers over.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a small pissed at my brother for making me do my first porn video – but now I get to meet all kinds of kinky girls and I even get to take most of the pictures that appear on Bring Me Your Sister. anyway, back to Demon and his sister…… Demon is the kind of man that pretty much gets his way but he’s a small whiner that wants everyone to feel sorry for his small booty. When he showed up at Papa GMP’s house with his sister in tow, all he could do is whine about his precious Harley. His sister was tired of him being such a whiny bitch and was ready to do anything to get him off her booty. Even if it meant fucking an old man while her brother filmed it.

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Now Thens has a little teen cunt and when she saw Papa GMP’s huge dick, she about walked out. In fact, he ripped her up so bad while grudge-fucking her for her brother, that she about punched Papa GMP. You could tell it was hurting her form the expression on her face. Her brother, being the sick fucker that he is, got off on his sister being screwed by the old fucker and even got a copy of the video for his own “use”. I thought you might like a few free teasers of this sick brother and sister pair so I made a small site with a few teaser clips for you. Of course, if you desire to see all the videos and pictures of his sister’s little teen cunt getting ripped up by a huge dick, then you need to check out the main site at Bring Me Your Sister – enjoy…. Tasha