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Awesome Sites To Find Amateur Free Porn

I’ve been producing amateur porn for about 4 years now and in that time I’ve got to know a number of the best and most honest webmasters in the business. Each of these webmasters have compiled excellent lists of the best free amateur porn sites so I thought I’d give you a little background. Each of these ladies and gents list free samples of the kind of amateur porn you will find on Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. Each one of them hand reviews each site before listing on their sites it so you can be assured that you will not get trapped in a circle-jerk of annoying pop-ups or be attacked by any of the trojans or addware spam the Russians are so happy to throw at us on a daily basis.

My buddy “Licker” runs Best Wet Amateurs as part of his Best Wet Pussy site. This guy has a preference for girls that squirt so don’t be surprised if you see a few turkey basters hidden in some of the sites he lists….  Licker is always trying to get in Nymph’s pants but she’s waaaaaay to clever for him.

I run Papa’s Free Porn – and for those of you that have followed my blogs know that I have a knack for finding some of the sexiest amateurs on the internet. I never shoot porn stars and try to sell them to you as amateurs and you’ll see this in the cute amateur sex freaks I list on Papa’s Free Porn

Nymph is one of the growing number of ladies that sling porn for a living. She runs Nymph’s Amateur Porn Links where you’ll find great links with a woman’s perspective on a variety of amateur porn sites. If you want to piss Nymph off, ask her what happened to the “O” at the end of her name ;-). Seriously, Nymph is one fine lady and a great webmaster and friend – check out her site today.

Maj Stress reviews all of the amateur porn links on Tipple XXX Amateurs. The Maj is a good friend that has helped me on a number of projects during my time as a webmaster and a amateur porn site owner. He’s very picky on the quality of content he lists and even makes a lot of free amateur porn sites with content from my sites. Maj Stress also runs The Adult Search Engine where he lets you search by keyword to find the hottest and freshest amateurs on the internet.

Tekster (formerly known as TekAngle) runs  Mr Eros’ Amateur’s . Tek is one of the most thorough webmaster’s I’ve ever worked with and he does a great job of reviewing all the amateur spam and listing only the best of the best in amateur porn. Tekster also created Novice Pussy which is a great listing of amateur content from my sites. His picture posts are well worth the time to see as they provide some of the best amateur jerking material on the internet.

OK – here’s the amateur page of my very first link site  Outlaw Amateur Porn. This site is reviewed by none other than me – a.k.a. PapaGMP, a.k.a. Mr. Richard. You’ll find ever single free pic and vid ever made available for my pay sites here and tons of other great free amateur porn sites. I also list a few real great premium amateur porn site (including my own) for the guy or gal that want’s to see it all.

Twiceshy is the 2nd female webmaster to make this list.  Twice runs Bullseye Amateur Sex where she lists cute amateur faces right along side some of the kinkiest amateur porn I’ve ever seen. If you ever run into Twiceshy you’ll immediately realize that she is anything but “shy” – in fact, ask her to show you what she can do with a 15″ long Polish sausage………..  When Twiceshy first showed me her new header logo for Bullseye Sex I knew it was missing something so I took aim and added the “splatter” for her – Bullseye by Mr. Richard!

Sheepguy was the first person to take me under his wing when I got started in porn four years ago.   Sheepguy runs Young Smut’s Amateur Page (no, you won’t find any sheep here) but you will find a buttload of hot young amateurs spreading their teen pussies for the first time for the world to see. Sheepguy’s approach to listing is unique and very surfer friendly – even if it’s a bit dated ;-) – and if you were wondering how he got named Sheepguy – Click Here (note: MML would reject this post for having a “blind link”)

Note – this is the last conversation I had with Sheepguy:
[20:55] <PapaGMP> what link text do you want on that sheep link? “amateur sheep”?
[20:55] <Sheepbuild> sure, I never paid any of them  ;)
[20:56] <Sheepbuild> except the one from France
[20:56] <PapaGMP> Couldn’t resist the accent eh?
[20:56] <Sheepbuild> works every time for me ;)
[20:57] <Sheepbuild> le baaa
[20:57] <PapaGMP> lol

And last – but defiantly not least; Mr. Mary Lou (affectionately known as MML) is one of the icons in the free porn listing business.   MML runs Amateur Nipples and reviews for a few of the best link lists in the porn world. MML is the host of the weekly webmasters radio show and probably the toughest reviewer in the business – expect only the best amateur porn on his site or any site that he reviews for. MML has given me dozens of tips that have helped me in delivering the best amateur porn on the internet and is a driving factor in the quality of the product of hundreds of porn webmasters.