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Lesbians Eating Pussy

I just discovered this pic of Diva licking Tasha’s shaved cunt and i thought you might enjoy it. The girls eternally loved functioning with Diva cuz she has the most fantastic tongue – not  only does she know how to work it, her fuckin tongue is real long and the girls seem to really like it in their pussies – I wonder why…… This pic of Diva licking cunt was taken during a photo shoot of the two lesbian cunts and is just one of hundreds of hot lesbian scenes available to members of Glass Mannequin.  You can find more pics and vids of Diva and Tasha on Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister.

Diva Licks Tasha's cunt

Diva Licks Tasha's cunt

Seems like Diva is eternally finding a hot bisexual mommy to stick her tongue into – in this pic, Diva has Misty in the hot tub and is going to town on the poor white girl’s shaved lesbian cunt. Misty is another hot young mommy that likes each girls and men and you can only see her on Glass Mannequin, and Bring Me Your Sister.

Diva Licking Misty's Snatch

Diva Licking Misty's Snatch

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Latina Lezzie

Who here likes lesbian cunt munchers? I for one adore to see cute teens slobbering all over perky teen titties and clean shaved lesbian cunt. And a hot Latina lezzie munching on a white girls cunt is a real mega turn on for me. Faith is on of the lusty Latina girls that appears only on the Glass Mannequin Productions sites and

Faith - Latina Lesbian Cunt Muncher

Faith – Latina Lesbian Cunt Muncher

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