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My Skinny Sister Riding Cock

I don’t have many girlfriends so I spend a lot of time fantasizing about my skinny petite sister. Sometimes she runs from the shower to her room naked and watch her itty bitty titties bounce as she makes the dash to the privacy of her own room – I then dream. I dream about seeing her spread her puffy petite pussy lips so that i can see her stroking her swollen petite clit – or of her taking a large throbbing cock deep in her tight petite teenage pussy. but my sister is real shy so I never figured I have a real chance to see her fucking until I found this bloke’s add in the paper. He would let you film your own sister fucking – all you had to do was prove she owed you some money and he would make a porno of her – and let you film it.

My Sister Thought It Was  A Joke

My Sister Thought It Was A Joke

like all sisters, my petite sister was eternally breaking my stuff – so when she borrowed my laptop – I ruined it and blamed it on her. She don’t know shit about computers so she really believed she ruined it. I told her she had to pay – and gave her a chance to earn the cash. She agreed and there I was – filming my skinny sister’s puffy teen pussy being hammered by an old bloke’s cock. She was so skinny and his cock was so fat that I thought he was going to split my skinny sister in half with his fat old cock.  Nothing like a sister grudge fuck to get a brother in the mood.

My Skinny Sister Riding cock

My Skinny Sister Riding cock

You can jerk off to the entire sister porn video I made of my skinny petite sister on Bring Me Your Sister – after all – I do!

Nasty Cock-Sucking Sister

There is nothing better than a good blow job – unless it’s getting a good blow job by someones sister as her brother films it. You know, looking her brother in the eye as you gag his tramp of a sister with your dick. That;s exactly what happened to Dave’s sister after the tiny cunt drank his last beer. He was pissed and wanted to slap his tiny sister silly but the wining bitch should have screamed so loud that their parents should have gotten involved. Dave realized that he had to keep his sister quiet – and punish her at the same time – and what better way to shut you sister up than to fill he mouth with a huge dick?

Dave's Sister Sucking My dick

Dave's Sister Sucking My dick

That’s why whe brought his sister to the dude that runs Bring Me Your Sister  – to make sure that the tiny tramp  got properly punished….. Of course, if you ask me, he wanted to see his sister giving head too – fucking pervert!

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